FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

This Page is for all the Questions That Visitors Asked. So This Page Will Always Be Updated as Soon as There Are New FAQs.

How Do I Get Working Links?

We update this page daily, so you can follow it or follow us on Twitter. Some links may expire or stop working after a certain time period, so you can save this page as a bookmark.

Why Aren’t There Regular Gifts Every Day?

We apologize for the delay, but this is only due to the delay of the game’s source and not because of us. We do everything we can to get everything done continuously and regularly, but you can follow the site regularly to see when new gifts are available.

Can You Give Me an Extra Award?

Sorry, we cannot give you an extra award. We only give out rewards that we receive from the game’s source. Please do not ask for extra rewards, as this could be considered cheating.

How Can I Track Your Updates?

You Can Follow Us on Twitter or Facebook, or Subscribe to Our Newsletter.

Are There Any Versions of the Game That Are Hacked?

We do not support hacked versions of the game and strongly reject any violation of the game’s rules. You must respect the rules of the game in full and should stay away from these actions to avoid being banned.

How Do I Collect a Reward on Your Site?

Yes, you can collect all the gifts in this way, as shown in the video.

I Hope This is Helpful! Let Us Know if You Have Any Other Questions.